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Amber by Mazukna - UAB "Gritpedziai ir Ko" was established in 1993 by Zenonas Mazukna. Since that time we are known as the main Lithuanian producer of amber jewellery. The company itself employs only the people with the highest experience and qualification in their field to work at the factory situated in Kaunas, Lithuania. At this moment in our company works more than 90 people. The higher level of stability and the harmony within the company allows us to produce all our clients' orders on time and with the highest precision. Our design team is constantly producing new designs. We produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins and exc. All our goods are represented in many Jewellery Shows. Our amber production is very well known in many countries like: USA, Japan, China, EU and many others. Our clients: department stores, tv shopping networks, catalogues and wholesalers all over the world. You will always find what to choose from large assortment of our articles.

Gauta ES struktūrinių fondų parama įmonės eksporto plėtrai vystyti

Europos sąjungos parama leido UAB „Gritpedžiai“ ir Ko įsitvirtinti tarptautinėse rinkose

UAB „Gritpedžiai“ ir Ko eksporto plėtra Japonijos rinkoje

UAB „Gritpedžiai“ ir Ko eksporto plėtra JAV ir Azijos rinkose

UAB „Gritpedžiai“ ir Ko eksporto plėtra Europos rinkose

UAB „Gritpedžiai“ ir Ko eksporto plėtra tarptautinėse rinkose

An alternative, more everyday conception of creativity is that it is simply the act of making something new. Our company is making unique amber jewellerys with sterling silver setings. The most popular jewelry is the product that has a unique design and contains a story behind it. Jewelers bases their ideas not only on the newest fashion trends in the world, but also on their feelings, emotions, dreams, fantases. Nature gives us a natural piece of art, amberwith incredable combination of colors, shapes and sizes. So we always look for interesting way to make one of the kind incredible design
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Our company always cares about its customers. So, our goal is to create highest quality products. Production manufacturing control is the most important thing in providing quality. We have three quality checkpoints from material to finished products. Our determination is to provide the best quality products at the most competitive prices makes it indispensable condition for us to take strict quality control measures. All quality control checks are performed by quality control teams. The primary completive advantage is that we make more products to select only the best. We reject all products that do not fit our strict quality standards. Also materials that are used to produce goods are bought from reliable suppliers. We are collaborating with suppliers from all over the world.
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We are selling items from the same production line, so you can get a little bit different item than in the photo and description. Difference can be only 10 %. We are shipping middle size and weight items, same shape type and color.
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Items will be sent to you next business day after you place an order and payment arrives. We will send you a notice by email when goods are shipped. Our system automatically calculates shipping and handling costs during check
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Return policy

We want our customers to be entirely satisfied with their purchase and recommend us to others. So you may return package within 30 days of receipt of purchase for a refund and please indicate reason for the return.
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